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The Devil's advocate.

Temptation, is only a real thing to those whom are not truly free.

11 February 1986
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I am Segremores, I am a therianthrope, I am a dragon, but quite simply: I am, and if you want to know anything more than that, then you should do what all great seekers of understanding do: Ask.

This place, this little piece of cyberspace, I've set aside to open up to others in a way that people usually don't see anywhere else. Mostly I rant, sometimes I share insight, other times I might tell how my life is going, it really just depends on what flows from my mind and into my fingertips that day.

The choice is yours, as it should be, read or ignore. If you do read: Leave compliments, answer questions, add ideas, but do not start a war in my journal, I'm no longer in the mood to support those kinds of things these days. Other than that, our will be done.

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